Trust me

I’ve been told to pay more attention to the Trusted Computing Group, which is pushing hardware-based digital IDs and security. Microsoft (with Palladium), and Intel (with the forthcoming LaGrande) are major players in the group, along with HP, IBM, and AMD.

Enterprise VOIP stats

According to InStat, "2003 will be the year when IP station shipments first exceed traditional PBX stations." The enterprise VOIP marke grew 60% last year.

More Manhattan WiFi maps from

More Manhattan WiFi maps from the Public Internet Project.

The great transition

Cellular News: "Wireless telephone subscribers in the USA now spend, on average, more minutes talking on their cellphones than they do on traditional landline phones, according to the Yankee Group’s latest quarterly Wireless/Mobile North American Carrier Tracker."

The Internet story all over again

John Patrick: "There was a long list of reasons ten years ago for why the Web would never turn into something serious — certainly not into something that could be used for secure business transactions. The same list of shortcomings is being attributed to WiFi today."

Here come the Wi-Phones

Can you say killer app? I already have. But the equipment rollout from companies like Cisco, Telesym, NEC, and Vocera is happening even faster than I expected.

Telecom spending

The Wall Street Journal yesterday had an article about how the expected recovery in the telecom sector hasn’t materialized. The evidence? Capital spending by large incumbents like SBC and AT&T is continuing to go down. This is a misleading way to evaluate the market. It’s the same mistake the music industry makes in using CD sales trends to show the threat from online file-sharing. The part is substituting for the ...

Spam predictions

Spam is nothing new, but for a variety of reasons it has gotten significantly worse over the past two years. That has provoked several responses, including startups (CloudMark, MailFrontier, MailBlocks), proposed legislation, new technical approaches such as Bayesian filtering, and the alliance announced today between AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo. So, what’s going to happen? Spam isn’t going away. It’s one of those things that will always be with us, like ...

Congrats to Rael, Tim & Co.!

By all accounts, the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference was once again a tremendous event. (And once again, I couldn’t make it!) I’m filtering through the blog coverage, though of course that’s no substitute for being there. As a conference organizer myself, I’m delighted to see events like ETech be so successful. It confirms the convictions that were my basis for starting “Supernova.” Contrary to popular belief, innovation hasn’t stopped. There ...

The quickening

The court decision last week throwing out the music industry’s lawsuit against Grokster and Streamcast/Morpheus marks the transition to the next phase of the digital content battle. It’s not the end. Certain content owners will continue to use every means at their disposal to slow the development of digital content distribution. They are suing VCs, suing end-users, and, most important, continuing to withhold content and demand that licensed services impose ...