Time for some VONage

I’m off to San Jose for Jeff Pulver’s VON conference, and the usual Bay Area side trips.

Jamie Lewis on Digital ID

Jamie Lewis of the Burton Group has posted Ends and Means: Identity in Two Worlds, an outstanding overview of the digital identity situation. (via “Doc Searls”)

Distortions with statistics

AP: "Free peer-to-peer music file-sharing has become larger than the multibillion-dollar recording industry, with a growth trend that has become ‘fundamentally unstoppable,’ a [California] state Senate committee exploring Internet piracy has been warned." I can’t even imagine what this statistic is supposed to mean. Clearly, P2P file sharing isn’t bigger in revenues than the recording industry. I can’t believe it’s bigger in number of users, since at least a third ...

Trigger Happy TV

Latest Tivo fave: Trigger Happy TV, a British program broadcast here on Comedy Central. A smarter Candid Camera. The segments are hit-or-miss, but they are short. Each episode has at least one or two huge laughs.


Supernova 2003 will be held July 8-9 in the Washington, DC area. If you’re reading this blog, you probably caught some of the buzz from Supernova 2002 in December. The 2003 event promises to be even better. Already, our confirmed speaker list includes: * Reed Hundt (former FCC Chairman) * Jonathan Schwartz (EVP of Software, Sun Microsystems) * Joichi Ito (CEO, Neoteny Co. Ltd., Japan) * Kevin Lynch (Chief Software ...

Greetings from Kevin Werbach!

Greetings from Kevin Werbach!

Great to see the Pulver.com

Great to see the Pulver.com folks (my partners for “Supernova”) have gotten blog religion!

Google's non-IPO

You know people are desperate for positive tech stories when Sergey Brin’s joke about a potential Google IPO is big news.

You know you're busy when…

62 outgoing emails today. Anything over 50 usually means I’m busy. And that generally means no time to blog. More about what’s keeping me busy soon!

Better Webmail?

MailBlocks is a new Web-based email service from Phil Goldman, one of the founders of WebTV. It’s slickly done, with a significantly better user experience than Yahoo! or Hotmail. Unlike Oddpost, it doesn’t require Internet Explorer, though there are still bugs in support for other browsers. Goldman wants to do to Web-based email what Google did to search. Mailblocks focuses on core functionality and performance, rather than blasting users with ...