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Evhead: Remember Tellme?

Evan doesn’t give TellMe enough credit. I’ve known these guys since their pre-launch stealth days. They took advantage of the hype bubble, raised a truckload of money, and did a consumer service that is now just a teaser for their real offerings. But they realized early on that enterprises and telcos were going to be the real revenue opportunity, and realigned the company before it was too late. (BeVocal, their top competitor, did something similar.) They had to build the same basic infrastructure for the consumer and enterprise offerings. Did you know that, whenever you call toll-free directory assistance, it’s TellMe answering your call? And they power several major airline and financial services company call centers. TellMe isn’t out of the woods, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Consumer voice portals may be sexier, but pushing the vast traffic of enterprise call centers to Internet standards is still a pretty big deal.