More phun phiber phacts

Ignore the confused and inaccurate descriptions of DSL technology is capable of in this Washington Post article. (I’ll just note that customers in Japan can get 12 MBps DSL today — for $25/month.)

Here are the interesting quotes from the article, apropos of my previous entry regarding the instant fiber buildout if the FCC gives the Bells what they want:

John M. Cioffi, a professor of engineering at Stanford University and one of the country’s foremost experts on DSL technology. “Even if [the phone companies] had the money, the labor is exhaustive. Realistically, fiber could be a century away.”

Christopher T. Rice, senior vice president for network planning and engineering at SBC Communications Inc., said his company has decided that pulling fiber all the way to the home is more cost efficient in the long run. But he said extensive stringing of fiber is at least 10 years away.