The last, best hope for licensed wireless broadband

Andy Seybold:

In my scenario, NextWave would fulfill its dream of a resalable nationwide network by using its spectrum to build out a CDMA 2000 1xEV-DO system optimized for high-speed IP data that would set the standard in the U.S. NextWave would lead the effort as the operator with major partners across many industry segments. All wireless carriers, ISPs, content providers that have an interest in broadband data services can resell this untethered last-mile network access.

If things worked out right, this network could be up and running in a significant part of the U.S. potentially years ahead of any other truly broadband technology and it would set the bar for data services in the U.S.

Andy is right — this would be a brilliant move on Nextwave’s part. It’s probably the only way the wireless industry can delay the victory of unlicensed broadband data services. It spite of (or because of) that, this scenario is pretty unlikely to happen. From the beginning, Nextwave has been focused on arbitraging the FCC spectrum auction regime, and now that they’ve won a big payoff, they won’t suddenly get the vision thing.