"A Huge Battle is Shaping Up"

Dave Hughes:

First of all, the Chairman, Powell, whom everybody and especially the press think they have pinned down (hard line conservative, Republican, ‘let the marketplace only decide’ big business buddy) has had an technological epiphany over the last year. Now he is the strongest advocate in Washington, with immense power to make it happen (he only needs two other votes on the 5 person commission) of ‘more spectrum’ for grass roots digitial (802.whatever) wireless, cutting across and sharing spectrum hitherto virtually ‘owned’ by corporate America (television, radio), and letting *technological advances* (faster, smarter, chips, very advanced software, new concepts of ‘regulating’ like regulating the use of TIME! and not just power or frequency, the historical things regulated, and to concentrate on the design and regulation of ‘recievers’ more than ‘transmitters’ as a way to deal with interference – making thousands of legacy radio systems obsolete in the blink of an eye.