VOIP from the Bell companies?

BellSouth is reselling Vonage’s VOIP service for its DSL customers. This is fascinating. I suspect it was a business deal on the data side that the corporate mothership isn’t fully aware of. It means that, in states where BellSouth has authorization to offer long-distance, you can buy BellSouth service for one price, or BellSouth over Vonage over BellSouth DSL service for a different price. Where BellSouth doesn’t have long-distance authorization, ...

Continued fallout of the Internet bust

Wow. Brobeck, Phleger, and Harrison, a major national law firm that had many dotcom clients, is shutting down. You almost never see big firms like this go under, since companies need lawyers whether the economy is good or bad.

More creative Tivo deals

News.com: "Beginning Monday, 20th Century Fox will offer an exclusive preview of its upcoming movie ‘Daredevil’ to TiVo customers. The promotion will extend to five movies throughout the year and potentially feature movie trailers, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews."

VOIP stats

IDC: “The overall market is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 45% to reach a revenue base of $15.1 billion by the year 2007,” noted Tom Valovic, director of IDC’s IP Telephony program. IDC is projecting the best growth in enterprise systems such as IP-PBXs. For this year, the current forecast shows a 66% increase in equipment sales to enterprises. WORLDWIDE IP TELEPHONY EQUIPMENT REVENUE, 2001–2007 ...

NewsFactor: Wireless LANs To Get

NewsFactor: Wireless LANs To Get Switch Support

NewsFactor: Wireless LANs To Get

NewsFactor: Wireless LANs To Get Switch Support

OK Guardian article on the

OK Guardian article on the business of blogging

The last, best hope for licensed wireless broadband

Andy Seybold: In my scenario, NextWave would fulfill its dream of a resalable nationwide network by using its spectrum to build out a CDMA 2000 1xEV-DO system optimized for high-speed IP data that would set the standard in the U.S. NextWave would lead the effort as the operator with major partners across many industry segments. All wireless carriers, ISPs, content providers that have an interest in broadband data services can ...

On the importance of blogs

Joi Ito: "Larry [Page of Google] said he thought that blogs were getting higher rankings because they were becoming a more important part of the Internet and implied that he felt the high rankings were fair. Cool."

EE Times: Companies test prototype

EE Times: Companies test prototype wireless-sensor nets