working on a new layout.

working on a new layout.

Another satellite play

WildBlue announced it has raised new funding of $156 million. It plans to launch nationwide two-way broadband service via satellite in 2004. With DirecTV and many others abandoning grand plans for satllite broadband, one must be skepical about yet another effort. By 2004, terrestrial broadband should be widespread enough to leave only a limited market for satellite. But Kleiner Perkins and the other investors who put money into WildBlue must ...

The Wireless Commons Manifesto (via

The Wireless Commons Manifesto (via Lawrence Lessig)

The big telecom story of 2003?

Residential voice over IP service (VOIP) provider Vonage just announced it has completed its 5 millionth call, and is at a run-rate of 75,000 calls per day. A tiny sliver of the overall telephone market, but enough to show that VOIP is ready for prime time. This will be a big story in 12-18 months.

Very merry

Merry Christmas to everyone of that persuasion. I’m engaged in my traditional Christmas Day pursuit — making split pea soup. Oh, and revising the design of this weblog.

Tivo branches out

Marc Canter posts a sneak peak of Tivo’s forthcoming photo album feature. Cool.

Interesting stat from Yahoo-Inktomi coverage

New York Times: "Susan Decker, Yahoo’s chief financial officer, estimated that for every one percentage point that Yahoo was able to increase its market share in searches, it would gain $20 million to $60 million a year in advertising revenue."

The hybrids are coming

Bold holiday prediction: By 2010, half of new cars sold in the US will use hybrid gas-electric engines. We have one, a Toyota Prius, and it’s fantastic. The only difference you notice from a traditional car is that it gets >50 miles per gallon. Fuel cells get all the hype, and they will eventually be the dominant technology. But that transition will take decades, if for no other reason than ...

Funny, isn't it?

Holiday online shopping is up 40 percent from last year, despite a generally poor retail season. When air starting going out of the dotcom bubble in 2000, everyone scrambled to shift from B2C to B2B, thinking that’s where the real money was. But today, most of the success stories from the late-1990s Internet startup craze are consumer-focused companies — think eBay,, and Google. The enduring business-oriented startups tend to ...

Java injunction, what's your function?

The injunction granted yesterday requiring Microsoft to bundle Java with Windows strikes me as a non-event. OK, so people who buy new PCs now get Java pre-installed instead of having to spend a few minutes downloading it the first time they open a Java object in their browser. It’s not like we’re back in the days when installing a plug-in was a cumbersome, manual process. Who cares about Java on ...