Bundles of the future

CNet: Sprint to enter WiFi hotspot market. (via Alan Reiter)

It’s good (and not surprising) to see the mobile phone operators realizing the potential of WiFi as a revenue opportunity. But the six national US carriers are still facing a death spiral of undifferentiated competition. My guess is that the survivor will be the first one to implement the third leg of the stool: last-mile wireless broadband.

Think about this: One bill for wireless access at home, in public places, and on the road. Voice and data. It feels like one network to you, but on the back-end there will be roaming agreements and different prices for the different services. That’s a compelling bundle. It’s the only one I can think of that competes with the other bundle-of-the-future: cable companies offering wired home broadband + TV programming + VOIP telephony.

UPDATE: Andy Grove apparently agrees with me on the wireless broadband piece.
(via John Robb)