Slow blogging week

I’m busy working on Supernova and other projects.

The FCC's spectrum task

The FCC’s spectrum task force officially announced its report yesterday. The actual document should be released in a few days.

Now that's broadband

ConvergeDigest: South KoreaÂ’s Ministry of Information and Communication announced a new plan to deliver Internet connections of at least 1 Mbps and preferably 20 Mbps to every household by 2005. (South Korea already leads the world in broadband penetration.)

David Gelernter: "An operating

David Gelernter: "An operating system connects the user (and the user’s software) to the ensemble of machines we call a computer. But nowadays users no longer want to be connected to computers. They want to be connected to information, a claim that sounds vague but is clear and specific."

I guess techies like the Sopranos

CyberAtlas: “Comparing profiles of 30 media devices and services … the report found that homes that typically watch HBO have the highest index of home technology. Other networks whose viewing homes have high technology levels are Showtime, MTV, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, VH-1, and TLC. The WB and UPN had the highest technology indexes among broadcast networks.“

Maybe she should listen to herself

Grid Computing Planet: “In five to 10 years, Grid computing could become more significant than the Web is today,” said [HP product marketing manager Sara] Murphy. … The biggest risk factor for Grid is “over hype,” Murphy said.

Another observation from the

Another observation from the conference — the media industry is still obsessed with Tivo. All of the entertainment company CEOs have brought it up, whether as a threat, an opportunity, or something they can successfully compete against. Tivo CEO Mike Ramsay is speaking tomorrow. All this attention doesn’t guarantee that Tivo the company will survive and thrive, but it reinforces my belief that they are onto something deep and important.

Foursquare notes

I’m sitting here in the lounge at the Foursquare conference in New York, watching the proceedings on a monitor while cozying up to one of the few power outlets in the facility. The conference is strictly off the record. I think that’s is a bad idea for conference organizers, but I’m not the one setting the rules. So far, I can say that WiFi has come up several times, though ...

Something doesn't add up

San Jose Mercury News: “‘We have dramatically scaled down any further deployment of DSL,’ said SBC Senior Vice President Jim Smith. ‘We couldn’t make a good business case to go forward.'” Two years ago, SBC loudly promoted the billions of dollars it would invest in rolling out DSL. What changed? All of the regulatory restrictions on the local phone companies were in place by 1996 or shortly thereafter in the ...

John Markoff of the

John Markoff of the New York Times writes about Vivato, a smart antenna startup that claims it can extend WiFi to distances of 2,000 feat indoors and four miles outdoors. The exciting aspects of the technology are that it works with the established WiFi standard, and with a point-to-multipoint configuration serving several hundred users. If Vivato’s antennas work as promised (always a big qualifier), they could greatly expand the utility ...