Show Me the MMS

allNetDevices: “A survey conducted by Ovum showed that annual consumer revenues from MMS are set to reach about US$70 billion worldwide in 2007. An estimated US$31 billion will come from person-to-person messaging while US$39 billion will come from machine-to-person messaging.

Those are pretty stunning numbers, if they are anywhere near accurate… which I doubt. But MMS (the multimedia exension of SMS, the popular wireless Short Messaging Service) does look like it will be a big deal. People in Europe and Asia are expecting MMS to pick up where SMS leaves off, and be the foundation for a variety of new services. Here in the US, we’re still oblivious to the whole mobile messaging thing, but perhaps not for long. The US wireless carriers seem to have finally noticed that messaging is a huge market everyone else, and that interoperability is a big reason why.