Corporate blogging pre-backlash

I was wrong. I thought the next stage of Weblog media hype would be articles touting corporate blogging. Instead, the first piece I see jumps straight into an attack on the concept. (John Robb, whose blog pointed me to the Information Week story, has posted as response.)

Frankly, the piece is so full of misconceptions that it’s almost not worth challenging. An amusing one: the (pseudonymous) author draws an analogy between blogs and the “ask the audience” option on the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? “In general,” the writer observes, “unless the question was about pop culture, the audience was as likely wrong as right.” Guess what? That’s not true. The audience was right most of the time. In fact, the analogy proves exactly the opposite of what the author intended. The audience was usually right because a group collectively is more intelligent than its members individually, if there are effecitve ways to aggregate those individual views. That’s precisely what Weblogs can do in an enterprise.