Yosemite or bust

My brother Adam is getting married this weekend in Yosemite National Park in California. Many days of revelry are planned. We’re flying out today, and won’t be back until Tuesday night. Most likely I won’t be blogging again until next week.

With friends like these…

Intertainer is suing major movie studios on antitrust grounds. This is a surprising development, since Intertainer has licenses to distribute movies on demand from the leading studios, many of whom are investors.

In praise of multiple modalities

Ray Ozzie: "Unless you do very little work online, the concept of weaving all of your activity into a single web page couldn’t be more misguided – from an efficiency and effectiveness standpoint."

Another gloss on the recent

Another gloss on the recent Gartner WiFi report. Some international stats — the US is currently 63% of the world WLAN market, but growth is expected to be faster in Asia.

Culture club

Former AOL Time Warner CEO Gerry Levin: “People are just too impatient with the emergence of new business cultures.” This is ther right issue to focus on, though I’m not sure it validates the AOL-Time Warner merger. I liked the deal because I thought the corporate cultures were more similar than people realized. At the time, all the emphasis was on how the Time Warner side of the house could ...

Cam: "Having a potentially life-threatening

Cam: “Having a potentially life-threatening illness changes a person.”

"The acretion of little chunks of coolness"

With a little help from his friend, Marc Canter solves the Catch 22 of broadband.

A new threat to 3G

Yahoo! News – Nokia Exec Sees Little Need for Much-Touted 3G. After being touted for years as the future of wireless, 3G now faces competition from two sides: wireless LANs and MMS messaging. Too bad for the carriers that pledged tens of billions in European 3G spectrum auctions. This shows the flaws of the traditional “infrastructure” model for communications, which depends on central control and up-front network investment.

I'm loving Multizilla, the tabbed

I’m loving Multizilla, the tabbed interface tool for the Mozilla browser. It lets me keep several sites open at the same time, without separate browser instatiations cluttering up the screen or annoying split windows. The Web was made for working in parallel, following some links while putting others aside for later perusal, and jumping in and out of search engines at the same time.

Today's exercise

Define the following concepts, and their relationship to one another: clustering peer-to-peer grid computing Web services Next, compare and contrast IBM’s Autonomic Computing, HP’s Planetary Computing, and Sun’s N1, with reference to the definitions above. There’s something important here, but you have to strip away all the marketing varnish to find it.