The death of e-mail… and the birth of a new application

I don’t get Steve Gillmor’s point. It’s too hard for recipients to filter email, so we should build pervasive identity management systems so that everyone can barter access to their email inbox? I agree with Steve that spam may cause the end of email as we know it. Heavy users will move to whitelists plus challenge mechanisms that require unfamiliar senders to go through an extra step to show they aren’t spammers.

His comments on Groove, Microsoft, and the need for an “information router”, on the other hand, touch upon a deep point. As I said the other day, this will be the next great business software application, alongside the word processor, spreadsheet, browser, and email/calendar/address book. Groove and Radio Userland are two examples; Traction is another interesting one I saw recently.

The issue is how to manage information without managing it. We want the right information to get to the right person at the right time, but there’s usually no way to know those things ahead of time. We also want to leverage the Web, which is centralized and has links that can break and go in only one direction, while engaging in bidirectional freeform interactions like Weblogging.
(via “Scripting News”)