Strange (Yet Familiar) Bedfellows

Doc Searls, promoting AOTC and commenting on Verizon opposing the content industries, says, “Up until now, the only party at the table with Congress has been Hollywood: the entertianment industry. Now the telcos are moving up to that table as well. They have the money, so they’ll get the seat. Now it’s time for technology to move up to the same table.”

I agree with the last point, but the telcos as white knights is nothing new. Six years ago, they sided with the tech industry on the mother of all Internet policy battles: the Communications Decency Act. They didn’t want anyone holding them liable for what went over their networks then, and they don’t want it now. And tech people feeling uneasy about partnering with the Bells is also old hat. Telco funding was a big reason for the Center for Democracy and Technology splitting off from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Geez, I’m turning into a greybeard!