I was meeting some people

I was meeting some people for drinks South of Market in San Francisco. (For those you not familiar with SF, that’s ground zero for the local Internet industry.) I wanted to check my email beforehand, so I asked a friend if there was a Starbucks nearby where I could jack into the T-Mobile WiFi connection. He pointed me to the Starbucks down the block, but said he didn’t think that location had an access point. I figured I’d go check. So I walked over to the Starbucks, and opened up my laptop on the sidewalk outside. Sure enough, no T-Mobile access point. But… there were four open WiFi networks in range to that location! Starbucks lost the chance to sell me an over-priced doppio, while I got my email al fresco. This being SOMA, I also had a nice conversation with a guy walking by about the merits of Thinkpads and Powerbooks, but that’s another story….