New Web Tracking Tool?

I monitor numerous Websites on a regular basis. For Weblogs that have RSS feeds, services such as and Radio Userland’s internal news aggregator work well. What I want is something that goes out automatically and checks for changes on sites I care about, and lists changed sites on a central Web page. For some time I’ve used Spyonit for this purpose. Ever since it was acquired by 724 Solutions, though, I wondered when the free service would shut down. This week, it did. The email from the company hinted that a paid service would be offered in the future. I’m willing to pay a reasonable monthly fee, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m looking for alternatives. Mind-It was the first offering in this area, but it was acquired by Pumatech and shut down in January. Other tools such as Tracerlock send you email rather than putting notifications on a Web page, or they are designed for news updates rather than changes to Websites.

Anyone know of a good change notification tools that still exists?