Interoute buys Ebone. Two companies

Interoute buys Ebone. Two companies few Americans have heard of, but this is interesting. EBone was the UUNet of Europe. (As an aside, its CTO was Julf Helsingius, who operated the late, great remailer.) It was rolled up into KPN Qwest, which went belly up around the same time the US side of Qwest ran into trouble. Interoute is a huge pan-European backbone funded entirely by the Sandoz Foundation. Because it doesn’t have to rely on the vicissitudes of the stock market or venture capital, Interoute may be able to ride out the telecom downturn, buying up assets on the cheap along the way. (David Kirkpatrick of Fortune did a nice article on Interoute, after he met one of its executives at PC Forum.)