CNN: Time Warner cable will

CNN: Time Warner cable will offer personal video recorder (i.e. Tivo) functionality in some of its markets by the end of the summer. What’s interesting here is that Time Warner execs (particularly Jamie Kellner, who runs the Turner broadcasting properties) have vehemently attacked PVRs as stealing. I’ve always felt their opposition was futile, because PVRs offer compelling functionality that users will come to demand, but it’s surprising to see Time Warner jumping in now. This reinforces my sense that PVR will hit critical mass in 2003. Home media distribution will also be a killer app for broadband.

The report says only that Tivo will use Scientific Atlanta set-top boxes. I wonder if they will be using the Digeo technology that was originally from Steve Perlman’s Moxi. Digeo recently issued a deal with SA, saying only that Charter Cable would be deploying the boxes. Charter and Digeo are both controlled by Paul Allen, so that deployment isn’t a surpise. The Time Warner deal would be more significant, though AOL was an investor in Moxi, so there’s a connection there as well.