InfoWorld: "Keeping the Internet an

InfoWorld: “Keeping the Internet an open entity will depend largely on users’ abilities to set up ad hoc networks among themselves, instead of large telecommunications companies controlling the infrastructure and therefore the bits that travel across it, according to some members of the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Laboratory.”

DSL Prime: "Few have caught

DSL Prime: “Few have caught on to the new telco problem, how devastating any loss of lines is to telco profits.” … “BellSouth CFO Ron Dykes is very clear; half of the earnings shortfall came from competitors taking lines.” This is a good illustration of what I’ve long thought of as the “can’t get there from here” problem in telecom. We have enough competition to hurt incumbents, but not enough ... Wireless 'cloud' may offer Wireless ‘cloud’ may offer silver lining. A delightfully clueless piece — with two sidebars, no less! — about community WiFi hotspots in Athens, Georgia. No one involved seems to be aware of the existing WiFi hotspot or home networking market, or what a meshed network is. Oh well, at least they’re covering it…..

Some interesting quotes from FCC

Some interesting quotes from FCC Chairman Michael Powell’s Congressional testimony yesterday (from the New York Times): “Broadband very likely holds the key for the long-term recovery of the telecommunications industry and for our nation’s long-term economic growth and its ability to compete on the global stage.” “I’m not a libertarian, or I would not have taken this job.” “It’s not regulation versus deregulation. We need to do both. We need ...

If you need to throw

If you need to throw together a presentation about WiFi (say, to raise funding for your startup), here are some convenient statistics to sprinkle in.

E-Commerce Times: "Venture funding dropped

E-Commerce Times: “Venture funding dropped 11 percent last quarter to US$5.7 billion, a level not seen since late 1998, as venture capitalists continued to nurse their wounds and stayed on the sidelines in large numbers, according to a new survey.” I’m old enough to remember what it was like back in late ’98. Contrary to what you may have heard from your grandparents (or the story above), it was an ...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is jumping into the unlicensed wireless arena, issuing a list of ISPs that allow customers to share their connections using WiFi access points.

According to a Sony press

According to a Sony press release I just received, Everquest hosted more 100,000 simultaneous users last weekend. That’s a pretty serious number.

Joi Ito: "I think that

Joi Ito: “I think that there is a huge risk that Japan falls between the manufacturing and services cracks and becomes an insignificant player in the global economy.” Is this something we in the US should be worrying about as well?

If it isn't obvious from

If it isn’t obvious from the last few entries, today’s New York Times on the Web is a goldmine. There’s plenty more that I haven’t mentioned, including John Markoff on the JPEG patent, Tim Race on narcissistic CEOs, and Amy Harmon on the digital copyright dispute. This may just be a good technology news day, but give credit to the publication for selecting the stories and reporting on them with ...