All the same, I'd rather be in Philadelphia

Big news. A week from now, I’m moving to Villanova, a suburb of Philadelphia.

My wife and I decided a few months back that we were ready to get out of Manhattan. We’ve had a wonderful time the past four years, but life is different with a baby. Plenty of people raise families here, of course, but both of us felt we’d rather have open space, a house, good public schools, etc. The events of September 11, while not a primary factor, did give us a nudge toward leaving. Neither of us is a die-hard New Yorker. Independent of the security concerns, it will be a while before the city’s economy gets back to where it was.

Why Philly? My wife grew up there, and my in-laws have promised us free baby-sitting until Eli goes to college. Plus it’s a great place to live, affordable, with excellent public schools, and it’s half-way between New York and Washington, DC, two places important to my work.

The other reason for the move is that I’ll be doing more on my own professionally. For now, I’ll remain affiliated with EDventure Holdings. I’ll be writing every other issue of Release 1.0, with Esther Dyson and guest writers doing the remainder, and I plan to co-organize PC Forum again in 2003. The rest of the time, I’ll be doing independent writing, advising, speaking, strategy consulting and other projects. I’m excited to step out on my own more, and to take on some activities I simply couldn’t fit into my schedule while working with EDventure.

I have some initial projects that should keep me busy for a while. But if you or someone you know could use my help, please get in touch. I’m also looking to meet interesting people in the Philly area.