From David Isenberg's SMART Letter:

From David Isenberg’s SMART Letter: “Motorola has just launched a wireless, unlicensed (5GHz) last-mile product line named Canopy that delivers up to 10 megabits per second per subscriber, for up to 1200 subscribers per access point, for a one-time cost that asymptotes at around $500 list.”

"What is the Consume project?

“What is the Consume project? Consume is a collaborative strategy for the self provision of a broadband telecommunications infrastructure.”

This is turning into press

This is turning into press release day! Another interesting item I received recently was from a company called Xitel. It’s a small $50 device that plugs your PC directly into your stereo system, giving you hi-fidelity sound output from your MP3s. Now, if only they had an 802.11a wireless version!

A company called Universal Display

A company called Universal Display Corporation sent me a press release touting its demos of Organic Light Emitting Device (OLED) display technologies, including a prototype mobile phone from Samsung. I don’t know much about OLED, but people I respect have told me it’s going to be the next big thing in display technologies, allowing for extremely thin and bright screens on phones, PDAs, and on walls.

Netgear is selling an 802.11a

Netgear is selling an 802.11a adapter card for $69. That’s comparable to cheap 802.11b wireless cards, even though 11a offers more bandwidth, cleaner spectrum, and better security. The large installed base of 11b cards and access points means hybrid a/b solutions will probably dominate the market for a while, but 11a is going to be more prominent than most folks realize. For Internet access, the extra bandwidth is meaningless, since ...

CED Broadband Direct: Comcast Corp.

CED Broadband Direct: Comcast Corp. has announced it will be calling up Internet Protocol telephony service in its hometown of Philadelphia in mid 2003.” I hope they deploy in my area! Voice over IP has been waiting in the wings for several years now, and finally seems on the verge of large-scale commercial deployment for residential service (as opposed to international bypass or corporate networks). It’s now looking like cable ...

Spam prevention is going to

Spam prevention is going to be a significant software market, at least on a par with virus detection. On his blog, John Patrick mentions Cloudmark and a Global Internet Project meeting dealing with spam. I’m also excited about Cloudmark — I gave them a quote for their launch release. I wasn’t aware of th GIP activities. The United Kingdom got The United Kingdom got its first public Wi-Fi hot spots Monday.

Best wishes for a speedy

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Dave Winer, who had heart bypass surgery last week.

I'm now connecting from Washington

I’m now connecting from Washington DC at a hotspot run by WiseZone, a NetNearU reseller. The Starbucks here don’t appear to have wireless access, at least the ones I tried, but I stumbled upon a cafe with a hotspot.