The surprising thing about this

The surprising thing about this chart from a story on is that Gator is the #2 digital wallet service, with 9.3 million registered users. (Actually, it’s probably more than that. Gator claimed 10 million users back in December.) Gator hasn’t made as much noise as other digital identity vendors, but it has become a gorilla in the space. The company isn’t public, so I don’t know its financial situation, but 10 million users should generate some aggregate data that advertisers find interesting.

I use Gator because it saves me time. I’m not thrilled with the intrusiveness of the popup ads it generates, and I’m concerned about the privacy implications, but so far the company hasn’t done anything to push me over the edge. I’d be willing to pay for a digital wallet that doesn’t have Gator’s downsides, though so far I haven’t found anything that works as well.